Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Praying the rosary

I am not going to go into great details about praying the rosary. Most Catholics already understand what the rosary is and how it's prayed. Non-Catholics sometimes don't "get" the point in praying it or praying to the Saints for that matter. I, myself, am learning the beauty of it all. I'm still quite a newbie in matters of non-traditional prayers, but I am trying to make the effort in learning them. I had plans to pray the rosary a few nights ago. I found myself with a little bit of extra time (which is rare these days). So I went to bed and reached for my lovely new rosary that I got from my sponsor for Christmas. And it wasn't there. So I freak a little and can't for the life of me figure out where I put it. And just when I was ready for it. So after I only slightly tore my bedroom apart, I pray for it's return and go to bed. I got home yesterday with it on my mind and eventually I spotted it under my pile of Catholic books. Go figure.
So I prayed it last night. Something I read recently mentioned having an intention for each decade of the rosary that is prayed. So I decided to give it a whirl.

I know that God answers all prayers. Sometimes they don't happen in the timely fashion we desire. Sometimes the answer is a definte "no". And happily sometimes the answer is "yes".
One of the intentions that I prayed about last night was my 7th period class. You see, this semester I have the class from heck. I guess I complained too much about my 7th period last semester because this semester is far worse. So last night I prayed for the students in my class. I asked for peace in their hearts and that they might know that there is more to life than what their limited view is. You see I have several in this class that just have bad attitudes overall and it makes for an unpleasant day. So I prayed for them. And you know what? Today was a wonderful day during that class. They presented their poems and shields that they created and nobody was obnoxious or interrupted. One of the things they had to talk about was something they would never change their minds about and a great deal of them mentioned God or their faith... which was very refreshing. (Keep in mind that probably 75% of the community is Catholic). At the end of class I thanked and praised them for their behavior. And on the way home today it struck me that I had prayed for them.

I did have other intentions that I am certain God will answer in His time. I am thankful though that He gave me that small bit of peace today with my class. I will continue to pray for them and all my students.

Once again, I wish I could post more often in here, but things are getting so very busy again. I've taken on probably more than I can chew at the moment, but I will manage with God's help. I have several post ideas and have done some research and hope I can find time to put more thoughts down soon. So please bear with me. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Annabel, I have also noticed that my classes improve when I pray for them!! Let's remind each other to do that instead of complaining about them! Thanks for the reminder. Stephanie