Wednesday, September 21, 2005

RCIA week 2

Went to RCIA tonight. We talked about faith and how we need to have it to have a relationship with God. Pretty much everything I already posted about, but it was good to hear others' perspectives on it. Next week we will be getting into what the Church believes and will be going over the Nicene Creed. I think it will be good to break it down, but it's something that I still pretty much already know.

I still don't have a sponsor. There is one guy that has volunteered and then another lady came tonight. I thought about asking the lady, but another person asked her first. The guy is one that went through RCIA last year and I guess I'm wanting someone that has been Catholic for at least a little while that might be more knowledgable. I think someone might have asked him to be a sponsor tonight as well. But I think I will find someone when I need to. Or they'll find me. Or we'll find each other. I know that God will provide.

I got a real surprise today. In the car when Josh and I were picking up supper at McD's he asked me how church was going. I said it was great. He asked me when I went and I told him. He then asked me if he could go with me sometime. I said of course. I would be glad to take him whenever he wanted to go. He said that he wanted to check out a variety of churches and see what's out there. He has friends that go to different churches and he would check them out. Sound familiar?? I am just so pleased that he's giving church and God and all of that some thought. As tragic as his father passing away was, I think it was a spark for him to just start "thinking." And sometimes that is all it takes. Of course I hope he finds the truth of the Catholic Church, but I am certainly not going to push him. It's a big enough step for him to just be seeking at this point. He has always been the type of kid that you had to prove things to him and having faith is something that will be difficult. But all I can do is try to live by example and answer his questions as he asks them. For a long time he has considered himself agnostic. Now he's taking a small step and I can't tell you how amazing that is to me. Well, really it's not if you think about the grace of God. He can and does work miracles when we least expect it. Isn't He wonderful?

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Barbthecatholic said...

Hi- me again- Yes it's wonderful the way God works in our lives! I will keep yor son in my prayers. and you also.
God Bless,