Wednesday, October 12, 2005

RCIA week 5

Tonight in class we finished up on discussing the particulars of the Mass focusing on the Eucharist liturgy. The more that I learn about the Eucharistic celebration, the more I want take part in it. I know I have to wait until Easter Vigil, but I know it will be truly special when I do get to celebrate having the body and blood of Christ.

My sponsor complimented me tonight saying that I could probably teach the class. Perhaps after I finish this year I can help with future classes. The more I participate in things with the church, the more I learn and confirm this decision. After we finished the discussion on the Mass, we started talking about the Bible going into some history of it. It's not new material for me but going over the information is letting more of what I've already read sink in. I am certainly learning from the experience.

I do enjoy the fact that our class isn't afraid to speak up and ask questions. It makes things more interesting.

My friend Bret wrote a blog entry today that I plan to respond to here in my blog soon. I think he's making an errant and general assumption about the Catholic Church. I know he disagrees with my decision to convert and has doubts about my faith in Christ and the beliefs within the Catholic church; but in the same breath, I believe he is wrong in some of his beliefs.

I'll post more later as I am gathering my thoughts on his post and I still have papers to grade, lessons to plan, and it's now bed time.

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