Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was late to RCIA class tonight because I made goodies for the class. I was happy to see that when I got there that the tables were all full. I counted 18 people there tonight. It is very inspiring to see others that are interested in learning about the Church and are giving serious consideration to joining it. I know there will be those that don't go through the whole process, but hopefully it will at least get them to start thinking about their own faith and belief in God. I wasn't able to fully get myself involved in class tonight because of being late and worrying about the food. It turned out the food was a hit so I was happy that they didn't go away hungry. I am starting to really feel like I am a part of the parish now. I know that might seem strange since I've been going since February of 2005. I've been in the choir and participated in Mass, but now I'm starting to feel like part of the Church. I am getting to the point where I know several others... slowly, but surely. When I drove up there tonight I thought about how good it feels to have a place that is like my second home and the fact that I have this wonderful family. I don't know where I'd be without such wonderful people like my good friend Carol or Mary the choir director or so many others that have been a part of my growth in the Church. I just felt so uplifted and inspired to be involved in such a great faith and a great community of people. I pray that everyone in the RCIA class this year gets to that point and feels welcomed.

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