Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Blessed Christmas

This was a very nice Christmas this year. A bit rushed, but still good. Christmas Eve Mass was simply amazing. The music was awesome and I didn't even squeak on my clarinet. I also did fairly well singing, other than an early entrance on Do You Hear What I Hear? It was two hours long when you counted the music that started at 6:30, but it didn't seem that long by any means. I still love going to Mass and was happy to have Josh be there. He asked several questions afterwards and made a similar comment that I did after my early visits to mass saying that the service itself seemed more "religious" than other churches. I think overall he enjoyed it. I don't know if he'll return, but the choir director is going to be his piano teacher starting in January so who knows where that will go.
I received two very special gifts this Christmas. My RCIA sponsor and good friend, Carol, gave me a beautiful white beaded rosary that has images of famous basilicas in the "Our Father" beads. It has been blest by both the Pope and our local Bishop. I am very pleased to have it and hope to use it soon. My sister, who I could write an entire blog about her "religion", gave me a beautiful Catholic family Bible. Although I have a strong opinion about her church, it is nice that she supports my decision to become Catholic by giving me such a beautiful Bible.
Now I'm home for a few days and perhaps I'll be able to get more posts soon. Posted by Picasa

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Ogilvie said...

I'm a cradle Catholic who helps out with our parish RCIA program. The people there,like you, are so 'fresh' in their Catholicism that they truly inspire me. God bless you on your Catholic journey.