Monday, December 12, 2005

The truth of God cannot be silenced

I found that statement by our priest in Sunday's homily to be so very true. For me personally, I realize that although I tried to push religious thoughts out of my head for a while, I never stopped thinking about God. I would still pray and ask the "whys" of my life. And I am thankful that He finally spoke up again and allowed my heart to be open to His love.
As we celebrate this season we need to remember that our joy should exist in our hearts. The outside things are nice, but decorations and gifts and such are meaningless without truth of God in our hearts. So many people only briefly remember the reason for the season. I admit that I was one of them. Only briefly thinking that yes, it is celebrating Christ's birth but it didn't have a deeper meaning.
I love the example that Father Phan gave. He compared it to the story of the Grinch. Although the Grinch felt that Christmas and it's celebration could be stifled if he took all the outside things away, he didn't realize the power of the joy in the Who's hearts. Once he discovered that it came from within, his heart was opened as well.
I kind of feel like the Grinch in a way. I feel like my heart had shrunk a bit. After all the dealings with my marriage failing, job frustrations, my mother's passing, and everything else you could pile on my plate, I wasn't very open to God or anything. But it took a special man and his family to show me that I am deserving of love. I think because of that... I was able to accept God's love. And now my heart is growing in it.
So remember... the truth of God cannot be silenced. One may put hands over their ears and shout "na, na, na, na, na"... but eventually God will get through because it is His will.

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