Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Bible

I've been thinking about the Bible lately. Yes, my experience the other night was quite interesting, but it's not the first time it's happened. It may be the first time, however, that I am listening to God and really making an attempt to follow His will. I took some action related to the experience which was posted in my other blog. I'm not going to go into any more details about it here, but it was a relief to let go those things.
Some denominations claim that the Bible is the only authority. They feel that all of God's instructions are in there and it is all we need for living a Christian life. I feel the Bible is indeed a great tool for living as God wants us to and is inerrant, but I am not in agreement with the concept of "sola scriptura." But that is not what this post is about either. I won't get into those reasons against it in this post. (Perhaps another time.)
I have realized that although I have had some education in the teachings of the Bible through going to church intermittently, I truly do not know it as well as I should. When I was in third grade, however, I did participate in a Bible drill contest that was pretty fun. I know some of the basic stories that most people do like Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Whale, Psalm 23, stories of Christ and His parables like the Good Samaritan, and I can still quote a few verses here and there. But I have never completely read the Bible. I have not spent a lot of time studying it. I did briefly and have some copious notes in some of my other Bibles when I was attending church back in college, but most of it has now become pretty foggy. But since I have been going to Mass, I have heard much more of the Bible because of the readings each week. I have also enjoyed the adult faith formation class I have been attending as we have learned about the books of Luke and now John. But now I feel it is time for me to know more. Last night I decided that I am going to read the entire Bible. I know there are plans out there that take you through it in a year. I hope to finish it before then. Last night I began at the beginning with Genesis. I am not going to go into a great deal of analysis and study at this point. I simply want to read it like it was a novel and then later I can study various parts of it. Last night I was really captivated by it. I think for the first time, I will find pleasure in reading it. I didn't read long, but still managed to get to the point where Noah and his family was repopulating the earth after the flood. I am a little lost on some things and will research more at some point, but my goal right now is to read some of the Bible every night. Even if it is only a single chapter or a couple of verses.

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