Monday, March 27, 2006

Finished Genesis

I have been reading every night before falling asleep. I find that some nights I am so engrossed that I read for 30 minutes or more. I really enjoyed the story about Joseph. Yes, I knew some of the basics like he had a coat of many colors and his brothers threw him in a well... and I had seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (great show by the way). But I never read the entire story. I have discovered that God seems to be very forgiving. There is a great deal of promiscuity, incest, lying, cheating and stealing; and yet God continues to bless many of those people. Since I will be going to my first confession soon, it is a relief to know that God is so forgiving.
I mailed my confirmation announcements this morning. I am thinking of going on my own personal retreat next weekend so I can spend some time in prayer and reflection. I just need some time away from home without distractions. There's always something going on. The t.v., the animals, Josh... I cannot take a private moment it seems. I didn't get to go to adoration this past Friday because I was at a speech tournament, but I hope to go this week.
Last night I was asked to be an attendant at a marriage blessing. Marty's sister-in-law (married to his brother) converted last year and finally got an annulment. Her husband's just went through as well (his was easy, he was Catholic and didn't marry within the Church). They are now planning on having their marriage blessed by a priest. I hope that perhaps her husband will consider coming back to Church at some point. He's like Marty and stopped going back in high school. I continue to pray for Marty and hope that he finds his way home one of these days.

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