Monday, March 13, 2006


It's going to be here in no time. I cannot believe how fast everything has been going. I have truly enjoyed this journey and am greatly looking forward to Easter Vigil. This weekend we had a retreat on Saturday that was very nice. Two sisters from a local religious institute came and spoke about the treasures of the Church. Although I didn't learn anything new, it was nice to just have the fellowship with them. We also prayed the divine mercy chaplet which was new for me. On Sunday I had the Rite of Continuing Conversion which was a very nice ceremony. Normally our Bishop performs the service, but he was out of town. The priest that did it made it very personal by sharing a bit of personal information about each person and then blessing each one of us individually. It was a nice experience. I continue to be amazed at how this journey has had an impact on my life. I know that I am still growing in the faith and in Christ, but it has been absolutely amazing for me.
Today I worked on creating my confirmation announcement. Some may think it silly that I want to send one to my friends and family given the fact that I am an adult, but for me it's a way to make it clear how important this is for me. They know that I am doing this and I haven't received any resistance in my choice (other than my Baptist friend) but I also haven't gotten a great deal of support other than a "That's nice." I'm not sure they are aware how big a deal this is for me. This is something that is more important than my wedding vows were. So the artist in me decided to do some playing in photoshop and I created an announcement card that I like. You can check it out on my website here.

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