Saturday, November 26, 2005

Catholic "Light"

I'm referring to a joke that George Carlin once made about the Episcopal Church. He called it "Catholic Light". And I guess in some respects that is true. I went with my aunt to a brief service at her church on Thanksgiving. Remember, I grew up partially attending Episcopal services while growing up, but it was interesting to view it from a Catholic perspective. I hope I do not offend anyone that is Episcopalian, I am simply noting some observations.
In many respects the service is very similar to a Catholic Mass. It starts with a processional while the congregation is singing. They bless in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The have the Gloria (a different tune, of course) but the penitential right (I confess...) came much later in the service - shortly before communion. The have the liturgy of the word just like the Catholic Mass and I was even "volunteered" to be one of the lectors. It was no big deal and my aunt and the assistant vicar (who happened to be female) said I did a good job with it. I noticed that although they say the Nicene Creed as well, it was worded slightly different. Their general intercessions (prayers) each had a different response as opposed to "Lord, hear our prayer." The biggest thing I guess that bothered me the most about the service is the casualness of communion. I guess it's because as Catholics we believe that Christ is really present in the body and blood; but I guess in the Episcopalian church, it's only a symbolic representation. My aunt even told me that everyone was welcome to participate in communion, but I knew as a soon to be Catholic in full communion with the Church, it would not be appropriate. The fact that a woman was in the position of basically a priest role was also bothersome. I'm all for equality of women in many respects, but that is one area that it isn't appropriate. It's not to say that women don't play important roles in the Catholic Church, because they do; but I just personally feel that God's instructions are pretty clear about those that are to serve in the role of priesthood. There were a few other differences in some of their congregational responses, but in general, the service was very liturgical. I still am strong in my choice to become Catholic and feel that despite general flaws in it's history, it is the true Church founded by Christ.


Anonymous said...

holy communion--what a ridiculous blog. why do you think God cares about who serves in the role of priesthood? That's a misogynistic Catholic belief not one of God.

I wonder how many Catholics really believe in transubstantiation? It's a little voo-doo like, don't you think? I was raised Catholic and I think it's, um, well, silly. I guess I should become an Episcopalian!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post. I'm not offended by your comments, but your posting does lead me to believe that you are an idiot completely lacking any independent thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think God knew she was a woman when he called her?

"And the period belongs inside the quotation mark."

Anonymous said...

I left the Catholic Church because of it's conservative tilt and it's general homophobia. I think it's a beautiful church but the current leadership sucks! I joined the Episcopal Church because it's aligns with my worldview. It may not be great for everyone but I really love it! Also, the church I go to is pretty formal with great reverence for Christ. The service is usually 45 minutes to an hour, whereas the Masses I attended growing up rushed to be done in 30 minutes and BRAGGED when they beat the clock.