Thursday, November 10, 2005

Singing in the Choir

I've been singing in the choir at Church. We've been without a director for a while so we recently started rehearsals for a special dedication Mass that is being held a week from Saturday. We had a choir director for a brief period, but tonight we had two other professional people that led us in preparation for the ceremony. There's a LOT of music to sing.
Although I've said for some time that I really can't sing and can barely carry a tune, I still enjoy it. I was a music major for two years, but I was an instrumental major. And I hated sight singing. But I still have a passion for music. I started singing this summer for another special ceremony. It was great to get to meet new people (to me) in the church and to just sing.
My problem with singing is that a lot of times I focus too much on the music itself - singing on pitch, the melodies etc. that I forget to focus on the words themselves. And the words are so powerful! Hopefully I'll get to a point where I know the words by heart. I'm learning several songs that way as we sing them often in Mass, but still not there yet. But as I can focus more on the words themselves, I find that I am drawn closer to God and His blessings.
Choir is another evening gone out of my week, but I really love being able to praise God in that way. And perhaps with a little bit of practice I'll improve.
Tomorrow I will try to update with this week's RCIA. I apologize for not having posted yet, but it's been a busy time lately.

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