Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Faster than Lightning

I tend to stay on my computer throughout most evenings. Sure, sometimes I do other things like the dishes, perhaps some homework, or watching a little t.v. But I stay connected online checking email, reading other blogs, and I stay signed in to yahoo messenger. I've noticed lately that I haven't had as many random strangers trying to chat with me since I changed my profile to read 'single, not looking.' It's not that I'm not interested in a relationship, it's just I'm not trusting of meeting people online these days. I still pray that God has a plan for someone special to come into my life, and I'm trying to be patient in regard to that. Oh, yeah, I was making a point.
Tonight I had yet another random message, but did respond since he did have a profile (part of my rules for chatting). And we went through the typical cheesy conversation stuff... "where are you from?" around here "Do you have pictures?" Yes "Well, you're cute!" Thanks "What do you do for fun?" Ride rollercoasters. "Cool, anything else?" blog, watch t.v., go to church, crochet, go out to eat, movies, read, puzzles.... And for some strange reason, that ended the conversation. I'm thinking it was the statement about going to Church. Seems to scare some people off these days. But it's something I do want to put out there. If/when a new man comes into my life, he's going to have to be one to support my beliefs and be a Christian, himself... preferably Catholic. Unfortunately in my situation, the fact that I would like to meet a nice, single, Catholic guy, my chances are diminished as most of the good ones are already married. There's the slim hope that a good guy hasn't found the right girl (namely, me) yet or that he made a mistake, got divorced (and an annulment) and is available. But where to meet such guys? I have no idea. But again, I'm trying to depend on God to perhaps toss him in my path one of these days. But if a guy gets scared off in a flash because I mention that I go to Church as part of fun, well, guess it's not much of a loss, huh?

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